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Joseph On The Issues

A new perspective for continued growth

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Joe will provide a new perspective and insight as commissioner.  The town has made great improvements in the past couple of years but that has come at the cost to the taxpayer.  Joe would like to continue to grow the town while being fiscally responsible.


Using the experience he has gained on town boards and committees, Joe will be able to bring a unique perspective as commissioner.  That, combined with his business experience, will give him the insight necessary to continue to create a continuously improving municipality without burdening the taxpayer.  He knows the value of hard work and he is ready to put his experience to use for our community.


As a commissioner, Joe believes his job is to speak on behalf of his fellow residents.  He wants everyone to know that their opinions matter.  His door will always be open for any problem, no matter how big or how small.  Joe will work for you, not the other way around.


Joe knows that we need to have to have a clear vision of where we have been to see where we are going.  It is time for a new perspective, your perspective. This is your town, your voice, your candidate.

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